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Alabama Inshore Fishing Charters
with Captain Bobby McElroy

Where we fish

Fishing is abundant in and around Mobile Bay and Captain Bobby McElroy has knowledge of all those areas.

The Mobile Delta consists of approximately 20,323 acres of water just north of Mobile Bay.
Second only to the Mississippi River Delta in size, the Mobile Delta is an environmental showplace that is
30 miles long and 12 miles wide. It covers more than 200,000 acres of swamps, river bottomlands and marshes.

Several rivers empty into Mobile Bay from both the East and West and are home to many species of fish.
On the East side is Fish River. On the West side are Dog River and Fowl River.

Almost in the center of Mobile Bay is Gaillard Island, a spoils island, bird sanctuary created from sediment from
dredging of the Mobile Ship Channel. Mobile bay is also dotted by many man-made reefs built using discarded
concrete construction debris, bridge structures, power poles, and broken pipe among other materials.

At the South end of Mobile Bay there are gas platforms and oyster reefs that hold many species of fish.

At the South end of Mobile Bay and to the West is the Mississippi Sound which is located between the
South shore of Mobile County and the North shore of Dauphin Island, The Mississippi Sound is home to
many bays, inlets, flats and bayous that may be accessed from Bayou La Batre or Dauphin Island.